2020 13U, 12U & 11U teamS

Our 13u team will be comprised of 2025 graduates, our 12u team will be comprised of 2026 graduates, and our 11u team will be comprised of 2027 graduates (age cut-off for all teams is May 1, 2020). Their official season will start in mid April-2020 and would end around the middle of July, respectively. All three teams will look to play approximately 8 tournaments, and will have built-in development weeks for players to better themselves throughout the season.

We will plan to roster between 12-14 players on each team. You’ll find that our roster sizes are typically larger than other organizations, as we are focused on player arm-care and health.

In addition, our three teams will travel to the same tournament sites, as often as possible. This allows us to utilize our full resources and also promotes team and organization bonding as we support each other throughout the season.